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The Lovecraft Library eagerly accepts contributions to the content of this site. If you have copies of anything written by H. P. Lovecraft that is not here, please consider sharing it with your fellow fans of the Gentleman from Providence.
The Lovecraft Library wishes to extend its gratitude to Dagny and Tana for proofreading these texts, and to Agha Yasir for converting them to PDF format.
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Bibliography of fiction
Who's Who of Characters
Supernatural Horror in Literature with bibliography and links
RealAudio: The Dunwich Horror, "Suspense" Radio Show, November 5, 1945
The Alchemist HTML PDF
At the Mountains of Madness HTML PDF
Azathoth HTML PDF
The Beast in the Cave HTML PDF
Beyond the Wall of Sleep HTML PDF
The Call of Cthulhu HTML PDF
The Case of Charles Dexter Ward HTML PDF
The Cats of Ulthar HTML PDF
Celephais HTML PDF
The Colour Out of Space HTML PDF
The Descendant HTML PDF
The Doom That Came to Sarnath HTML PDF
The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath HTML PDF
Dreams in the Witch-House HTML PDF
The Dunwich Horror HTML PDF
The Evil Clergyman HTML PDF
Ex Oblivione HTML PDF
Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family HTML PDF
The Festival HTML PDF
From Beyond HTML PDF
The Haunter Of The Dark HTML PDF
Herbert West: Reanimator HTML PDF
The Horror at Red Hook HTML PDF
The Hound HTML PDF
Imprisoned with the Pharaos HTML PDF
In The Vault HTML PDF
The Lurking Fear HTML PDF
The Moon-Bog HTML PDF
Nyarlathotep HTML PDF
The Music of Erich Zann HTML PDF
The Nameless City HTML PDF
The Other Gods HTML PDF
The Outsider HTML PDF
Pickman's Model HTML PDF
The Picture in the House HTML PDF
Polaris HTML PDF
The Quest of Iranon HTML PDF
The Rats in the Walls HTML PDF
A Reminiscence Of Dr. Samuel Johnson HTML PDF
The Shadow Out of Time HTML PDF
The Shadow Over Innsmouth HTML PDF
The Shunned House HTML PDF
The Silver Key HTML PDF
The Statement of Randolph Carter HTML PDF
The Strange High House in the Mist HTML PDF
The Street HTML PDF
Sweet Ermengarde by Percy Simple HTML PDF
The Temple HTML PDF
The Terrible Old Man HTML PDF
The Thing on the Doorstep HTML PDF
The Transition of Juan Romero HTML PDF
The Unnamable HTML PDF
The Very Old Folk HTML PDF
What the Moon Brings HTML PDF
The Whisperer in Darkness HTML PDF
The White Ship HTML PDF
Fiction: Revisions and Collaborations
Ashes with C. M. Eddy HTML
The Battle that Ended the Century with Robert Barlow HTML PDF
The Challenge from Beyond with C. L. Moore, A. Merritt, Robert E. Howard, and Frank Belknap Long HTML PDF
Collapsing Cosmoses with Robert Barlow HTML PDF
The Crawling Chaos with Elizabeth Berkeley HTML PDF
The Curse of Yig with Zealia Bishop HTML PDF
Deaf, Dumb, and Blind with C. M. Eddy HTML
The Diary of Alonzo Typer with William Lumley HTML PDF
The Disinterment with Duane W. Rimel HTML PDF
The Electric Executioner with Adolphe de Castro HTML PDF
The Ghost Eater with C. M. Eddy HTML
The Green Meadow with Winifred V. Jackson HTML PDF
The Horror at Martin's Beach with Sonia H. Greene HTML PDF
The Horror in the Burying Ground with Hazel Heald HTML PDF
The Horror in the Museum with Hazel Heald HTML PDF
The Last Test with Adolphe de Castro HTML PDF
The Loved Dead with C. M. Eddy HTML
The Man of Stone with Hazel Heald HTML PDF
Medusa's Coil with Zealia Bishop HTML PDF
The Mound with Zealia Bishop HTML PDF
The Night Ocean with R. H. Barlow HTML PDF
Out of the Aeons with Hazel Heald HTML PDF
Poetry and the Gods with Anna Helen Crofts HTML PDF
The Thing in the Moonlight with J. Chapman Miske HTML PDF
Through the Gates of the Silver Key with E. Hoffmann Price HTML PDF
Till A' the Seas with R. H. Barlow HTML PDF
The Trap with Henry S. Whitehead HTML PDF
The Tree on the Hill with Duane W. Rimel HTML PDF
Two Black Bottles with Wilfred Blanch Talman HTML PDF
The Winged Death with Hazel Heald HTML PDF
Within The Walls Of Eryx with Kenneth Sterling HTML PDF
An American to Mother England HTML
Astrophobos HTML
The Bride of the Sea HTML
The Cats HTML
Christmas Blessings HTML
Christmas Snows HTML
Christmastide HTML
The City HTML
The Conscript HTML
Despair HTML
To Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, Eighteenth Baron Dunsany HTML
Egyptian Christmas HTML
Fact and Fancy HTML
Festival HTML
Fungi from Yuggoth HTML
The Garden HTML
Good Saint Nick HTML
Halcyon Days HTML
Hallowe'en in a Suburb HTML
The House HTML
Laeta; A Lament HTML
Lines on General Robert E. Lee HTML
Little Tiger HTML
The Messenger HTML
Nathanica HTML
Nemesis HTML
Ode for July Fourth, 1917 HTML
On Receiving a Picture of Swans HTML
Pacifist War Song - 1917 HTML
The Peace Advocate HTML
The Poe-ets Nightmare HTML
Poemata Minoria, Volume II HTML
Providence HTML
The Rose of England HTML
On Reading Lord Dunsany's Book of Wonder HTML
Revelation HTML
St. John HTML
Sunset HTML
Tosh Bosh HTML
Where Once Poe Walked HTML
Waste Paper HTML
The Wood HTML
The Allowable Rhyme HTML PDF
At the Root HTML PDF
Cats and Dogs HTML PDF
The Despised Pastoral HTML PDF
History of the Necronomicon HTML PDF
Metrical Regularity HTML PDF
Notes On Writing Weird Fiction HTML PDF
Supernatural Horror in Literature with bibliography HTML
The Little Glass Bottle HTML
The Mysterious Ship HTML
The Mystery of the Grave-Yard HTML
The Secret Cave HTML
Letter to August Derleth Dec 11, 1919 - describes the dream that formed the basis of The Statement of Randalph Carter. HTML
To the American Flag by Jonathan E. Hoag HTML
Amid Inspiring Scenes by Jonathan E. Hoag, prologue by H. P. Lovecraft HTML
Death by Jonathan E. Hoag HTML
The Inevitable Conflict by Paul H. Lovering. Currently being published (in Italian) as "L'orrore che viene dall'est" ("The Horror That Comes From The East"). Alleged to be a newly discovered work of Lovecraft. I disagree, but read it for yourself. HTML

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